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When Senator Fran Pavley, author of California’s landmark global warming reduction law (AB 32), voted no on funding the high speed rail project earlier this month it came as a surprise to most observers. At the time, many assumed that Pavley voted no because she was locked in a tight race to keep her Senate […]

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There’s a great op-ed in the Merced Sun-Star today by Dipu Gupta, an architect and teacher at UC Merced, explaining how high speed rail opportunity could bring cities back to life. Gupta lays out a common sense philosophy explaining how HSR is key to urban redevelopment in California: If you look at an aerial photo […]

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Today’s column from San Francisco Chronicle political writers Phil Matier and Andrew Ross makes it sound like the downtown extension is a surprise that the Bay Area suddenly has to pay all on its own. In reality, the project has been on the books for many years and has strong local support as a way […]

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Climate activist Bill McKibben has a new article out in Rolling Stone that has been generating much discussion and debate lately. Titled Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math, it shows how humanity is on pace to produce carbon emissions that will raise global temperatures significantly greater than we’ve already seen. Given that current temperature increases are […]

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