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The rabidly anti-tax Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is running ads calling high speed rail “the largest boondoggle in American history.” Their goal is to stir public outrage about HSR in order to defeat Prop 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s tax proposal: “Sacramento politicians have turned their backs on education and public safety and voted to waste […]

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As the California high speed rail project moves forward after a key vote in the State Senate, the other high speed rail project in the state – from Palmdale to Las Vegas – is nearing an important moment of decision of its own. Mike Rosenberg has the story about XpressWest’s federal loan application: Already, private […]

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A new study authored by researchers at Arizona State University and UC Berkeley shows that with the right steps, high speed rail can reduce environmental impacts in California, especially over and above the status quo: Sustainable mobility policy for long-distance transportation services should consider emerging automobiles and aircraft as well as infrastructure and supply chain […]

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In news that should not come as any surprise, the backers of an initiative to stop the California high speed rail project announced today they are quitting the effort: Sen. Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, and former Republican Rep. George Radanovich announced this week that they are suspending their campaign to qualify a measure on the matter […]

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