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The LA Times’ Ralph Vartabedian reports that anti-HSR State Senators may try to move the HSR funds out of the Central Valley, even though the current HSR proposal includes billions in funds for both the Bay Area and Southern California in addition to starting HSR construction in the Valley: But the plan has met growing […]

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With legislative leaders and Governor Jerry Brown announcing a budget deal, attention in Sacramento will shift to the high speed rail project. It’s timely then that California High Speed Rail Authority chair Dan Richard provided this project update today via YouTube: It doesn’t break any major news, but it’s still a good encapsulation of where […]

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The Sacramento Bee reports that Governor Jerry Brown is backing off of his proposal to protect the high speed rail project from frivolous lawsuits: The Brown administration is abandoning legislation it proposed to insulate California’s high-speed rail project from environmental lawsuits, the administration told environmentalists today. Gov. Jerry Brown, who is seeking legislative approval this […]

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In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, business leaders from San Francisco and Los Angeles make the economic case for the legislature to release the voter-approved bond money to begin building high speed rail: California’s $1.9 trillion economy ranks among the 10 largest in the world. However, the state’s infrastructure is straining to keep up with increased […]

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