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Two of Southern California’s leading right-wing talk radio hosts, John and Ken, are now trying to gather signatures to put an anti-high speed rail initiative on the ballot. Since it’s too late to gather signatures for a November 2012 ballot measure, I am going to laugh at this effort, at least for the time being. […]

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The battle is on in Sacramento over the future of the high speed rail project. For a good overview of the situation, see Damien Newton’s post at Streetsblog LA. We’ve learned some more details about the “Plan B” being pushed by State Senator Alan Lowenthal and other opponents of the high speed rail project: According […]

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It’s organizing time. The legislature is taking up the governor’s request to release the voter-approved high speed rail bond money in order to match $3.3 billion in federal stimulus money and create jobs. HSR supporters need to let legislators know you expect them to do the right thing and release the funds. You can start […]

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As the state legislature debates releasing the voter-approved high speed rail bond funds, it’s worth reminding Californians that the rest of the planet is already moving full speed ahead with building bullet trains. The San Jose Mercury News took a look at the global expansion of HSR over the weekend: The International Union of Railways […]

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