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Over at the Houston Chronicle there is a particularly absurd post suggesting that buses are a great alternative to high speed trains. First, the set-up is particularly revealing: I’m back from my California trip – beautiful state, beautiful weather, completely dysfunctional government. For example, even with massive fiscal problems it’s still trying to build a […]

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Yesterday the California High Speed Rail Authority selected Jeffrey Morales as their new CEO, replacing Roelof van Ark. Morales served as Caltrans director under Governor Gray Davis, and has been working on the HSR project as a Senior Vice President for Parsons Brinckerhoff. Mike Rosenberg at the San Jose Mercury News has the best reporting […]

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This is a guest post from RL Miller, a climate activist based in Ventura County. You can follow her on Twitter as well @RL_Miller. -Robert Yesterday was the 120th birthday of the Sierra Club, founded on May 28, 1892 by John Muir with a goal to “do something for wilderness and make the mountains glad.” […]

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Thanks to Tom McNamara for this guest post. -Robert Update: I made some edits below to clarify the fact that House Minority Leader Pelosi was not speaking about any form of Amtrak consolidation, but was instead reflecting on the grandeur of Grand Central Station. The concept of Amtrak consolidation with HSR is Tom McNamara’s and […]

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