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In today’s Los Angeles Times, longtime Capitol reporter and columnist George Skelton endorses the Republican call for a “do-over” on voter approval of the high speed rail project. Problem is, Skelton doesn’t actually examine the arguments for and against the project. He also makes a big mistake regarding the way the project will be built. […]

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In a powerful op-ed in today’s Sacramento Bee, the mayors of some of California’s largest cities – Los Angeles, San Francisco, San José, Sacramento and Fresno called on the Legislature to fund high speed rail in 2012: We are all strong supporters of building the California High-Speed Rail system, and our state has arrived at […]

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One of the more troubling elements of the flawed Legislative Analyst Report on high speed rail was its attack on HSR’s role in reducing California’s carbon emissions. The LAO claimed that HSR would actually not be very helpful in achieving those reductions. But as we’ll see, the LAO’s claims here are flawed: Given these considerations, […]

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Today was high speed rail day in the State Capitol in Sacramento, with both an Assembly and a Senate hearing on Governor Jerry Brown’s request to uphold the will of the voters and fund HSR construction in 2012. The Assembly hearings made it clear that the Democratic leadership there is strongly in support of the […]

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