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I’ll on my way to Hawaii for the week, so posting will probably be a bit lighter than normal. If anyone wants to submit a guest post, now would be an excellent time to do so. As a conversation piece, there’s this New York Times article on the new private high speed train service in […]

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Kings County political leaders have become vehemently opposed to the California high speed rail project, despite the clear need for the Hanford-Visalia region to have better connections to metropolitan regions around the state. So it’s very strange to see those same leaders demanding preservation of Amtrak service in Kings County: According to the California High […]

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In what is becoming an annual ritual, Assemblymember Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point) proposed a bill to stop any use of the voter-approved Prop 1A bond funding – and the bill has been killed by Democrats in an Assembly committee: Legislation to stop bond funding for the state’s high-speed rail project failed to pass out of […]

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Our old friend Ralph Vartabedian is at it again. The notably biased anti-HSR reporter is out with a new article in the LA Times about a study on HSR operating costs: The state rail authority has grossly underestimated future operating costs of California’s proposed bullet train, meaning taxpayers potentially will have to provide billions of […]

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