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High speed freight coming to Europe? A group aiming to substitute 300kph rail services for some short-haul European air freight flights hopes to launch its first services between the Continent and the UK later this decade, it has announced after bringing a freight-carrying French high-speed train to the UK. François Coart, strategy director of Europorte, […]

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Big news today out of Sacramento, where Bee columnist and high speed rail opponent Dan Walters concedes that the votes appear to be there in the Legislature to approve HSR funding: Its popularity has declined sharply, many of its details have yet to emerge, and independent authorities have questioned its financial and operational viability, but […]

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This is big news – the California High Speed Rail Authority, Caltrain, and local governments have reached a deal to split the costs and fund Caltrain electrification and the downtown extension. This would not only provide a major, long-awaited set of improvements to Caltrain, it would help bring high speed rail service to SF and […]

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Once again, rising gas prices are dominating the national conversation. And unsurprisingly, Republicans are making it sound like the problem is somehow President Barack Obama’s fault. Newt Gingrich is running around the country promising $2.50 gas, which is an impossible thing to actually deliver. Meanwhile some on the left want to blame the problem on […]

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