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The details of the revised business plan are starting to come out and they contain some big changes – starting with a dramatic lowering of the project cost. From Dan Smith and David Siders at the Sacramento Bee: The Brown administration has lowered the projected cost to build California’s high-speed rail line by $30 billion […]

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Today the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved the so-called “blended plan” that combines high speed rail service and Caltrain electrification, combining $1.5 billion in local funds, state funds (from the Prop 1A bond) and federal funds: Calling it a major “milestone” in Caltrain’s long quest to modernize its system, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission board […]

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The other California high speed rail project, DesertXpress, may be on the verge of landing a multi-billion dollar federal loan to begin construction. That’s according to this in-depth AP article on the project from the weekend: Privately held DesertXpress is on the verge of landing a $4.9 billion loan from the Obama administration to build […]

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As news spreads of both the blended plan and the upcoming business plan’s efforts to distribute more of the Prop 1A money to urban areas sooner (including Caltrain electrification), some HSR opponents as well as longtime supporters are raising questions about whether those proposals conform to Proposition 1A, the voter-approved initiative from 2008 that authorized […]

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