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There is a truly excellent op-ed in today’s last August’s San Francisco Chronicle from Roger Christensen, a transit advocate and former chair of the Metro Citizens Advisory Council who recently moved from LA to the Central Valley. The op-ed, titled “The Great High Speed Rail Lie,” is a devastating attack on high speed rail critics […]

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State Senator Alan Lowenthal is running for Congress in an open seat – California’s 47th district. The seat is centered on Long Beach and includes some pieces of Orange County, which was why Lowenthal spoke last Friday at the luncheon of the Democratic Foundation of Orange County. Lowenthal has made a name for himself as […]

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The high range of cost estimates to build high speed rail between San Francisco and Anaheim is $98 billion over the next 22 years. There’s no doubt that $98 billion is a pretty big number. But so is $1.9 trillion. That’s the estimate for California’s Gross State Product – the state version of Gross Domestic […]

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California High Speed Rail Authority Board chairman Dan Richard knows all too well about the airline industry. Serving as a Director on the Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s Board from 1996 to 2004, the East Bay resident and his colleagues clashed with United Airlines over the use of airport landing fees to build BART’s station […]

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