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Tim Sheehan at the Fresno Bee has the news that construction on the high speed rail project may begin in 2013, as opposed to this fall as originally intended. The reason: NIMBY complaints in the Central Valley have caused the California High Speed Rail Authority to make amendments to its EIR in order to address […]

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Some good news out of Gilroy this week: Council members voted 5-2 for a rail station in downtown Gilroy and opposed any kind of aerial track during a special study session on Monday. The study session was designed to get the council’s take on where Gilroy’s future High Speed Rail station should be built: either […]

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The “Community Coalition on High Speed Rail,” a project of the notoriously anti-rail Planning and Conservation League and the outspokenly anti-rail PCL legal adviser Gary Patton, was originally founded to fight high speed rail on the Peninsula. And in a recent newsletter, CC-HSR explains that even though they’ve been fighting HSR in the Central Valley […]

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The three State Senate Democrats who have been the most wobbly on high speed rail – potentially siding with Tea Party Republicans instead of with their governor and their president – are holding a hearing on the project in Mountain View on Tuesday, March 13. From an email sent by Senator Joe Simitian: The proposal […]

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