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Back in April 2010 the State Auditor released a report that was unfairly critical of the California High Speed Rail Authority. The State Auditor argued that California was uncompetitive for federal funds (as it turned out we won half of the $8 billion in HSR stimulus funds) and ignored the then-Democratic Congress’ interest in finding […]

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In a move that should surprise precisely nobody, two right-wing Republicans – State Senator Doug LaMalfa and former Congressman George Radanovich – have apparently filed an initiative to repeal high speed rail at the November 2012 election. The “Stop The $100 Billion Bullet Train to Nowhere Act” is currently pending at the Attorney General’s office, […]

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The plan to connect Anaheim to Las Vegas with a maglev system appears to be dead as its chief backer, the Southern California Association of Governments, has decided to abandon it in its new transportation plan. Dug Begley of the Press-Enterprise explains the story: Transportation planners once dreamed that super-fast trains would whisk Southern Californians […]

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The Fresno Bee’s Tim Sheehan has published another entry in his series on Spanish high speed rail, this one focusing on HSR’s impact on farms and smaller mid-line cities. It’s much more useful for his Fresno audience, although the article is syndicated around the state. This article, in contrast to his previous article on HSR […]

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