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California’s current unemployment rate is 11.3%. That’s still a far higher level than the state has seen in decades – and it has been sustained at around that level for at least two years. California faces nothing less than a severe jobs crisis. That doesn’t mean any old job is a good job. But when […]

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The California High Speed Rail project was repeatedly backed by the elected representatives of the people of California between 1996 and 2008. And in 2008 the voters themselves gave their approval to the project and $10 billion in bond money. Yet according to the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters, that makes them the same as Gilded […]

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Kings County leaders may have decided they’re happy with a 14.6% unemployment rate, opposing high speed rail and the long-term economic benefits it will bring to their county. But next door in Tulare County, leaders understand the benefits that high speed rail will bring – and they want in: Watching their neighbor’s increasingly warlike stance, […]

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The US House of Representatives held a hearing today, at Jeff Denham’s request, into the California High Speed Rail project. I caught some of the testimony and read some transcripts of the remarks from both witnesses and members of Congress, and I have to agree with the Fresno Bee’s Michael Doyle in his conclusion that […]

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