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At the end of a tumultuous year for high speed rail in California, opponents are increasingly confident they can kill the project and retard California’s hopes of economic recovery and energy independence. But a review of the year about to end shows that the most important factor in shaping high speed rail’s fate hasn’t been […]

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I’m not exactly sure why the LA Times has chosen to let Ralph Vartabedian write shockingly biased articles against the HSR project, but his latest hit piece is up, claiming that plans for Amtrak to use the Initial Construction Segment in the Central Valley are flawed. The problem: if you read the article closely, what […]

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The following article was published in the December issue of Californians For High Speed Rail’s e-newsletter The High-Speed Rail Advocate. While many of the arguments in the article have been expressed previously, given the continuation of the “train to nowhere” rhetoric, it seems timely to summarize many of the benefits of a “valley first” approach […]

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Apologies for the sparse postings this week – I’m in Southern California for the holidays, enjoying the warm sunshine (and feeling a bit of shock at the cool evening temperatures). A few items I’ve been following lately: • Over at the California Majority Report Steven Maviglio raises good points about the San Jose Mercury News […]

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