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Hope everyone is enjoying the long holiday weekend. I’ll have a more in-depth post up tomorrow, but for today use this as an open thread to continue whatever discussions are on everyone’s mind. Including how better passenger rail, including HSR, would have made your holiday travel plans easier and/or more convenient.

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Two of the key architects of the California high speed rail project, Quentin Kopp and Mehdi Morshed, are raising some questions about the California High Speed Rail Authority’s new approach to the project. From KQED: But Kopp and Morshed sound decidedly less enthusiastic these days. They still believe high-speed rail is necessary for the state. […]

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Today the US Department of Transportation put another $928 million into the hands of the California high speed rail project and out of the reach of House Republicans: U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today awarded a $928.6 million grant to the California High-Speed Rail Authority for initial construction of California High-Speed Rail. Construction will begin […]

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One of the consequences of the media’s just blithely assuming, in spite of the facts, that somehow Congressional Republican opposition to HSR means the feds will never ever fund it ever again, is that suddenly people just feel free to make wild and unsupported speculation about the future of not only the California high speed […]

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