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One of the common anti-high speed rail arguments is that nobody will ride trains because they can fly cheaply between cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since at least 2008 we’ve known these cheap fares weren’t going to last long. This week brings more evidence that cheap flights are becoming an endangered species, in […]

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The concept of a Legislative Analyst Office is a good one. The state legislature ought to have a neutral, independent, non-partisan research bureau that is devoted to giving legislators facts and insight as they make important decisions. But that concept falls apart if the LAO provides bad analysis, and especially if it abandons its neutrality […]

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Right before the Thanksgiving break the federal Bureau of Land Management issued a Record of Decision allowing DesertXpress to build a high speed train from Victorville to Las Vegas: The decision authorizes a Right of Way grant to DesertXpress Enterprises, LLC to construct and operate a high-speed passenger rail line between Victorville, Calif. and Las […]

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The dominant question of our time, a question that lies at the root of our politics, our economy, and increasingly our society and culture is this: do we abandon a failed status quo to try and build a better future, or are we too scared of trying something new so we instead cling to the […]

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