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It’s only fitting that a high speed rail debate feature two voices familiar to many readers of this blog. Thursday night at Fresno State, Elizabeth Alexis of CARRD and Daniel Krause, Executive Director of Californians For High Speed Rail will join former Republican Assemblymember Mike Villines for a debate on HSR moderated by Fresno Bee […]

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In this four part series, we will discuss perhaps the most sensitive decision that the California High Speed Rail Authority will make: selection and implementation of its Initial Operating Segment. In this installment, we discuss the role Amtrak Cascades-style rolling stock could play.   On May 10, 2011 the Legislative Analyst’s Office released an analysis […]

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I had a feeling the LA Times’ Ralph Vartabedian would be a problem for the HSR project last month when he tried to scare Californians out of building a better future. He’s at it again in today’s Times, casting the bullet train as a Godzilla monster out to destroy Bakersfield. The problem here is that, […]

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Once again Amtrak California is setting record ridership numbers, showing that Californians absolutely will ride passenger trains between metro areas. You’d think that with clear evidence of demand for passenger trains, getting HSR built in California would be a slam dunk. And it would be…except that the unsettled picture regarding federal funding is giving everyone […]

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