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(View the 2012 Business Plan here – more analysis to come later this evening) California, like the rest of the country, stands at a crossroads. Either we can continue forward as before, down a path that has produced record unemployment and massive inequality – or we can do the hard and sometimes costly work of […]

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It should come as no surprise that Union Pacific, which has long opposed high speed rail, is continuing to wage war against the California project. They gave their anti-HSR comments to the LA Times so that the paper would run a story critical of the project. Ralph Vartabedian, the biased anti-HSR reporter at the LA […]

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This blog has repeatedly argued that because of a failed status quo – with unemployment in Fresno County of 15.8% – we cannot simply abandon efforts that would create jobs and reduce our costly dependence on oil because those efforts aren’t easy. Almost to a person, HSR critics and opponents all believe that the status […]

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That’s what HSR critic Senator Joe Simitian told the San Mateo Daily Journal about next week’s release of the latest Business Plan by the California High Speed Rail Authority: “This is a watershed moment for high-speed rail,” said state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto. “After three years, the public is expecting some good answers to […]

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