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I’m kind of surprised that right-wing anti-high speed rail forces didn’t try this stunt sooner. Today a Republican pollster based in Orange County put out a push poll attacking the project. The poll claims to have surveyed 750 California voters who were likely to vote in the June 2012 primary. That’s a pretty small universe, […]

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So claims a report in the Bakersfield Californian: Building a high-speed train route over the Grapevine instead of through the Antelope Valley could save up to $4 billion, according to a July progress report released Wednesday. A conceptual study identified more than one feasible alignment over the mountain pass, prompting engineers on the project to […]

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The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is out with a new study titled “High Speed Rail: International Lessons for U.S. Policymakers. One of its authors, Petra Todorovich of America 2050, is also a leading high speed rail advocate who has done some excellent work in DC. But here she and her team have put together […]

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Fresno Bee editorial page editor Jim Boren raises a very interesting point on Twitter today: Talked to farmer who lost farm because of Freeway 180 extension. No squawks from farm community cause opposition to HSR is political. Boren is likely referring to the SR 180 East freeway extension projects, funded by Fresno County’s Measure C […]

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