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In the weeks since Governor Jerry Brown gave his vote of confidence to the high speed rail project, the governor’s strong support has renewed the project’s momentum. One clear example of this was Thursday’s move by a key Assembly committee to effectively kill Sen. Alan Lowenthal’s anti-HSR bill. Now the media is beginning to react. […]

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Today the Assembly Appropriations Committee heard a number of bills sent to them by the State Senate, including Senator Alan Lowenthal’s SB 517. The bill is Lowenthal’s attack on the HSR project, and would fire the current California High Speed Rail Authority board while replacing it with a board that would likely be less supportive […]

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Less than a week after appointing Dan Richard to the California High Speed Rail Board, Governor Jerry Brown has filled another vacancy. This time the appointee is Michael Rossi, the wealthy financial executive who Brown had just recently tapped as his jobs advisor. Rossi takes the place of David Crane, another financial executive who was […]

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Its cost doubled over initial estimates, with critics charging its final price would be as much as five times what voters approved. It was the target of numerous lawsuits and was denounced as an unaffordable and unnecessary boondoggle. “It” is the Golden Gate Bridge, widely regarded as one of the great triumphs of California infrastructure. […]

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