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Two significant announcements from the White House today could have an impact on the California high speed rail project. The first is President Barack Obama’s call for a “clean” extension of the expired transportation bill: As part of an effort to spur additional job creation, the Obama administration will push Congress to keep surface transportation […]

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In the aftermath of the Wenzhou crash, where two Chinese high speed trains collided after a lighting strike caused a signal to fail, the Chinese high speed rail system has been coming under intense domestic scrutiny for its perceived safety lapses. In response to public pressure, the Chinese government this week announced it is dropping […]

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Tim Sheehan of the Fresno Bee has a new article out at California Watch on the “ballooning” costs of high speed rail. It’s a classic example of how the media in the United States obscure more than they reveal in their reporting, and shows the unstated assumptions that often drive reporting on public spending. Sheehan’s […]

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The latest Business Plan for the California high speed rail project is due to be released in October, and there’s a lot riding on it. Many legislators have declared that the Plan has to show a viable path forward for the project, particularly its financing, or else they might be interested in pulling the plug. […]

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