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Dog bites man, I know, but Joel Fox, who was part of the failed No on Prop 1A campaign, has a call for voters to repeal Prop 1A today. It deserves a reply: California’s high speed rail program was in danger before the debt ceiling debate in Washington. Given the desire to cut trillions of […]

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The crash of two high speed trains in Wenzhou, China on Saturday, killing 39, is beginning to raise questions about China’s plans to export its HSR technology: Trainmakers CSR Corp. and China CNR Corp., builders including China Railway Construction Corp. and parts makers such as Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., have targeted markets including the […]

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In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, Carolyn Lochhead has a good, general overview of the state of the California high speed rail project. While I wish she’d gone into some more detail on the accuracy and background of the debate over the business plan and ridership numbers, that she wouldn’t have called the project “futuristic” (unless […]

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Note from Robert Cruickshank: The following is a guest post from Tom McNamara, a regular commenter on the blog, about the initial operating segment requirement in state and federal law regarding HSR funding. Future installments of this series will appear in the next few days and weeks. THE EVOLUTION OF INTIAL OPERATING SEGMENT PART I: […]

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