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There are two discussions that happen regarding ridership on the California high speed rail project. One is absurd and one is necessary. The absurd discussion is the one that dominates conversation and media coverage. It revolves around the question “will anyone ride the trains?” And the necessary discussion is the one that is generally ignored, […]

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According to the San Francisco Business Journal, bidding for the Central Valley segment of the high speed rail project is slated to begin within the next three months: “We anticipate releasing the first request for qualifications (RFQ) within the next 90 days and then a request for proposals (RFP) in early 2012,” the California High-Speed […]

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The population of Uzbekistan is 27 million. Its GDP is $85 billion, or about $3,000 per person. The population of the United States is 310 million. Its GDP is over $14 trillion (world’s largest), or about $47,000 per person. Which country just opened a 150mph high speed rail line connecting two of its main cities? […]

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Last week the Bay Area Council came out with a new plan for Peninsula HSR that would electrify Caltrain, bring HSR to the Transbay Terminal, and have the Metropolitan Transportation Commission oversee the process. This week the plan appears to be gathering momentum: “That’s part of what prompted us to consider getting involved,” said Adrienne […]

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