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Once a TV show has been running for a while, producers sometimes get lazy and decide to phone in an episode in by putting together a bunch of clips from previous episodes. Apparently that happens in journalism too. Instead of breaking new ground in examining the California high speed rail project, California Watch and the […]

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Alstom has signed a deal with the government of Iraq to build a high speed rail link connecting Baghdad and Basra: Basra is approximately 450km (280 miles) south-east of Baghdad and the proposed line would involve a 650km network, Alstom says. The line would handle speeds of up to 250km/h (155 mph). The deal is […]

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Some on the Peninsula see high speed rail as a threat to Caltrain’s future. But today we saw a reminder of how high speed rail and Caltrain help each other out. The US Department of Transportation and the California High Speed Rail Authority today announced a $16 million grant to build positive train control on […]

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Today’s New York Times has a pretty good article on the rapidly-growing Chinese high speed rail system, which will open a link from Beijing to Shanghai – two of the nation’s most populous and important cities – on July 1. Those two cities are about the same distance as New York and Atlanta, a trip […]

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