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I had a (very) brief appearance on NPR Marketplace’s Morning Report segment – you can listen to it here. The topic was China’s new Beijing to Shanghai HSR route which opened today to apparently rave reviews. The segment is short and so only a snippet of our discussion was included, where I trash Congress for […]

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Kathy Hamilton, a prominent Peninsula NIMBY, has a new post up at the Examiner attacking yours truly over a recent post in which I congratulated Caltrain, the California High Speed Rail Authority, and the US Department of Transportation for working together to bring funding for positive train control to the Peninsula. Of course, that funding […]

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One of the effects of turning something into a culture war is it tends to undermine support for the idea in question by sending the more timid elements in search of a compromise solution. Some people seek compromise over the best, smartest, most sensible solution, and it is these people who are the true target […]

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Over the weekend, Darnell Grisby had a very good op-ed in the Merced Sun-Star about the “debate” over high speed rail. In it, he challenged the notion that “the way we travel is a cultural issue”: Dueling ridership forecasts in a political arena heated by cultural antagonism makes it difficult to assess costs and benefits. […]

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