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Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani wrote a letter to the Legislative Analyst’s Office last week, and in it she has some tough questions and harsh criticisms for the Office. The LAO, which lost a lot of its credibility with its uninformed attack on the project earlier this month, hasn’t responded yet. But they’ll have to, since Galgiani’s […]

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Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (if you’ve got one!). Lots of Californians are out on the roads and at the airports this weekend. And 3-day weekends like this are a great reminder of how HSR would help people enjoy their time off by letting them have more of it. Driving from SF to […]

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One of the common arguments against high speed rail in California is that the state doesn’t have enough population or population density to support high speed trains. This stems from a flawed application of common arguments about urban rail systems, where you usually do want to route light rail, streetcars, and subways along dense corridors, […]

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The 2012 election can’t come quickly enough. The House Transportation Committee, headed by Florida Republican John Mica, has proposed privatizing the Amtrak Northeast Corridor: “We plan introduce legislation to separate the Northeast Corridor from Amtrak, transfer it to a separate entity, and begin a competitive bidding process that would allow for a public-private partnership to […]

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