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Some days you read something that makes you feel depressed. Someone you respected suddenly writes something that is so lacking in credibility, so wrong on the basic facts, that you wonder what could have possessed them to go so far off the rails. Today I had that experience reading Stanford professor Richard White’s shocking and […]

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Since at least 2008, Peninsula NIMBYs have seen their salvation in the Altamont Pass alignment. The logic here is that by crossing the bay at Dumbarton, and somehow getting out toward the Tri-Valley area and crossing into the Central Valley at Altamont instead of at Pacheco Pass, there won’t be any high speed trains at […]

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I think the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board is confused: Californians have embraced the idea of high-speed rail tying together our state but, like many dreams, it has lost some of its glow in the harsh light of reality. This is especially true on the Peninsula, where a majority favors the high-speed train but community […]

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I wanted to like this editorial in today’s New York Times. It starts off so well: The agreement between Congress and the White House to virtually eliminate money for high-speed rail is harebrained. France, China, Brazil, even Russia, understand that high-speed rail is central to future development. Not Washington. It’s a great defense of high […]

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