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Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani today called out her fellow Democrat, Senator Joe Simitian, who has emerged this week as a significant threat to the high speed rail project. In a statement released this afternoon she accused Simitian of being the “Great Train Robber” for his apparent effort to take HSR money for Caltrain, risking the HSR […]

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It’s refreshing when HSR critics stop beating about the bush and just come right out and say what we all know they really believe. So I give credit to Atherton mayor Jim Dobbie for telling the truth in this Wall Street Journal article: “We have many houses close to the railroad in the multiple millions […]

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One of the best radio shows in California is Warren Olney’s Which Way, L.A.? I’ve had the pleasure to be a guest on a few occasions, but today was Curt Pringle’s turn to debate the high speed rail project with James Moore, author of the absurd anti-HSR op-ed that we debunked yesterday. You can listen […]

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I’m wondering if the Koch Brothers went trolling for academics to attack the high speed rail project, because this is getting ridiculous. There’s clearly a concerted effort to use university professors to lend legitimacy to anti-rail arguments by publishing op-eds – which are usually full of false and/or misleading claims. Today’s example comes from a […]

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