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I know you’ll all be shocked to read this: High speed rail is a very realistic alternative in Europe and Asia, but in the US there are very few routes that can currently be replaced by rail transport. When asked whether they would pick rail over air when available: * 79% would choose train over […]

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Over at KCET they have a story on Central Valley farmers who are still upset about proposed routing of HSR tracks. The story includes this photo essay, narrated by a Valley almond farmer: The video is misleading in that it makes it appear the entire farm itself will be destroyed. It won’t be. Just as […]

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Yesterday I attended the joint meeting of RailPac and NARP at the Los Angeles Metro headquarters building at Union Station.  The day of presentations included updates from Metrolink’s CEO on future plans including express service to start in May and PTC implementation. Californians for High Speed Rail’s Daniel Krause talked about their vision for seeing […]

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Anyone attend the RailPAC/NARP Steel Wheels in California event today in Los Angeles? If so, add your report here!

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