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Some potentially major news out of Fresno this weekend, as Tim Sheehan of the Fresno Bee reports that the California High Speed Rail Authority is considering abandoning the 60-foot high, 6 to 8 miles long viaduct for the HSR tracks and instead building at-grade: Now, in a surprise to many observers, engineers are evaluating where […]

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Hope you all are enjoying this lazy Saturday. For your weekend reading, hop over to Clem’s blog and read about how to save half a billion dollars at the Millbrae station. A teaser: Yes, there are difficult design constraints. Yes, this proposed design violates a few engineering specifications and even some regulations. Yes, it will […]

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The Vegas-to-Victorville (and eventually to Palmdale and LA Union Station) DesertXpress high speed rail project has gotten one step closer to construction, with the completion of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. Comments on the Final EIS will begin on April 1 and will be accepted until May 2. Senator Harry Reid and US Transportation Secretary […]

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Illinois received $1.2 billion in federal funding to improve the Chicago to St. Louis route to achieve higher speeds, up to 110 mph, on the Amtrak route between the two big Midwestern cities. Today Governor Pat Quinn and US Senator Dick Durbin announced the first segment of the project will begin construction next month: The […]

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