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Back in 2007, Republican Congressmen Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy spoke out in favor of the California high speed rail project. That was back when they still represented the Central Valley. Since then, McCarthy and Nunes represent other people now – specifically the oil companies and right-wing funders like the Koch Brothers. And that’s why, […]

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California wants Florida’s high speed rail stimulus money. Not some, not half, but ALL the money: The California High-Speed Rail Authority on Wednesday voted unanimously to apply for all of the high-speed rail funding recently returned to the federal government by the state of Florida…. If California can capture Florida’s share, crews could link Merced […]

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Not long after he rejected high speed rail funding – resulting in a $624 million windfall for California (along with funds rejected by Ohio), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker now wants federal money to improve trains after all: Less than half a year after rejecting federal funds to build a high-speed rail connecting Milwaukee to Madison, […]

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According to the Merced Sun-Star it just might be: High-speed rail may come to Merced sooner than expected, as the California High Speed Rail Authority will announce today it’s asking for $1.2 billion in funding that was rejected by Florida. If the request is approved, it would mean the first phase of track will run […]

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