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Maybe the problem isn’t the American political system at all. Maybe it’s just that HSR critics refuse to listen to what the people are telling them. In November 2008, California voters approved $10 billion in funding for our high speed rail system. In April 2010, a poll revealed 77% of respondents on the Peninsula supported […]

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Michael Byrne has a provocative argument about high speed rail: it’s incompatible with modern American politics. In a country without a unitary federal government and with short-lived administrations, Byrne argues, we may not be able to do anything big or significant: And remember, it was just a few years ago, in a different administration, that […]

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UPDATE: Californians For High Speed Rail joined a coalition of HSR supporters to issue this statement making the case for HSR in both California and the Central Valley. Original post begins below: Today and tomorrow the US House of Representatives Transportation Committee will be holding hearings in California, with an emphasis on high speed rail. […]

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Of all the bad ideas I’ve heard, this is one of the worst: A new threat to California’s bullet train plans surfaced Thursday as lawmakers including Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation that seeks to take away more than $2 billion in federal stimulus money set aside for the project and spend it making repairs to […]

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