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As HSR supporters across the political spectrum continue speaking out about the project’s merits, as the project gathers momentum with the selection of a Fresno-Bakersfield segment for the first use of $5.5 billion in construction funding, HSR critics are getting increasingly desperate. Dennis Wyatt, managing editor for the Manteca Bulletin published one of the most […]

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just over a week left in office, but the newly elected 2011-12 legislature has already been sworn in. And that legislature is strongly supportive of high speed rail – and that support is bipartisan, as the Capitol Weekly explains, interviewing Senate Republican leader Bob Huff on the project. Huff had been […]

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Good news out of Illinois today as the state and federal governments have reached a deal on high speed rail between Chicago and St. Louis: Illinois Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig today announced that a historic public-private partnership agreement on high-speed rail development is in place to bring Illinois one giant step closer to achieving high-speed […]

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Late last week, we learned that Tom Stone, who has led the DesertXpress HSR project to link SoCal to Las Vegas for 9 years, has retired: Tom Stone, president and a member of the board of directors, has worked on the project for nine years. The company is awaiting a final environmental impact statement and […]

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