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In the wake of yesterday’s announcement that Madera-Corcoran be the starting point for HSR construction in California, project supporters in Merced, which was not included in the first segment, have expressed their outrage at the choice. Their primary concern is that the California High Speed Rail Authority staff assessment of the proposed starting point gave […]

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California High Speed Rail CEO Roelof van Ark today announced his recommendation that the CHSRA board approve a route from Madera to Corcoran, centered on Fresno, as the starting point for construction of California’s HSR project. From the Authority’s press release: In making his recommendation, which the Authority’s Board of Directors will consider next week, […]

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So far, high speed rail and other trains have benefited from the public uproar over the Transportation Security Administration’s new unsafe backscatter machines and “enhanced” patdowns, which many have equated to sexual molestation. I’ve heard and read a lot of “next time I’m taking the train” comments, enabled by the fact that the nation’s rail […]

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Jerry Lewis, a Republican Congressman from Southern California (Redlands, to be specific), is leading his party’s efforts to use their majority to embarrass and frustrate President Barack Obama’s efforts at economic recovery by proposing a bill to take back all unspent stimulus funds – including California’s $2 billion in high speed rail money: Wasting no […]

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