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Congressman Dennis Cardoza slammed the proposed Borden-Corcoran HSR construction route last week with strong language, calling it a “Thanksgiving Day fraud.” Cardoza is today stepping up his criticism of the route selection and the California High Speed Rail Authority. Because Cardoza, a Democrat, was instrumental in bringing HSR funds to the Central Valley, his criticisms […]

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Readers of the Fresno Bee were treated today to something rather surprising: a columnist calling their fine city “nowhere.” Dan Walters is a political columnist for the Sacramento Bee, and because of shared ownership, his column is syndicated in the Fresno Bee. Walters is the one who told Fresno residents their city doesn’t count: Despite […]

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Another day, another high speed rail success story: The Sapsan high-speed train launched by Russian rail monopoly Russian Railways (RZhD) less than twelve months ago has proved to be the monopoly’s sole profitable enterprise in the passenger transport sector, with its profit margin hitting 30 percent, RZhD President Vladimir Yakunin said on Tuesday…. Russian Railways […]

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I’m up in Seattle for the coming week, but should be able to maintain the usual rate of daily posts – especially with what should be a very interesting CHSRA board meeting on Thursday. It’s not just California that is well-positioned for high speed rail. The Pacific Northwest rail corridor is suited to 220 mph […]

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