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Some time in the future – probably sooner than people think, perhaps around 2020 – Palo Alto residents will look back at last night’s city council meeting, where the council voted to oppose an HSR station in Palo Alto, and shake their heads as they curse the short-sightedness of the 2010 council: Palo Alto doesn’t […]

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Today the US Department of Transportation announced recipients of the $2.5 billion in HSR grants that were available under the FY 2010 budget appropriation, and California is getting nearly 30% of that total – around $715 million – for a Central Valley HSR segment: The Federal Railroad Administration has allocated $715 million in federal funds […]

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One of the underlying motives behind the HSR opponents – especially the Peninsula NIMBYs – is their belief that HSR will crash their property values, and that the highest priority of government is to protect their current property values. In short, whatever the needs of the rest of the state, all are secondary to preservation […]

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California High Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark met with Peninsula city leaders yesterday to discuss the HSR project, and the headline news from the meeting was that tunneling wasn’t going to happen on the Peninsula: The boss of the California high-speed train project had a clear message to cities on the Peninsula on […]

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