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A couple quick HSR-related items: Freight rail companies and their supporters take issue with CHSRA CEO Roelof van Ark’s comments that Peninsula tunnels are unworkable because of incompatibility with freight rail. It’s true that in some cities, like underneath downtown Seattle, there are freight rail tunnels. But along the Peninsula, they’ll need lots of ventilation, […]

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With the possibility that Jerry Brown might be elected to his third term as governor on Tuesday, it seemed worth taking a trip back to 1982. Brown was finishing his second term as governor and running for a seat in the US Senate against San Diego mayor Pete Wilson. Wilson won, but Brown left an […]

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In what had become the worst-kept secret in California (aside from Meg Whitman’s collapsing poll numbers), the federal government today announced $715 million in federal grant money for the California High Speed Rail project – specifically for a Central Valley segment. The Federal Railroad Administration did not specify which of the two segments – Merced […]

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Daniel Krause and I have a short op-ed in today’s issue of the Christian Science Monitor on high speed rail, economic recovery, and transportation modernization. It’s part of their “one-minute debate” series, and our “opponent” is Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation. Because they were so gracious to accept and run our submission, I’m going […]

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