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Some quick HSR-related items for your weekend: • Burlingame votes against joining the newest HSR lawsuit, after hearing legal advice indicating the suit had little chance of success. Kudos to Burlingame for being open to a more constructive approach – they’re not happy with the proposals either, but recognize that a lawsuit will accomplish nothing […]

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Executives at the DesertXpress high speed rail project, which would link Southern California to Las Vegas, were hoping to break ground on their project by the end of this year. However, the Federal Railroad Administration has thrown a wrench into those plans, issuing a Supplemental EIR that requires at least two more public hearings and […]

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Tuesday night, Menlo Park’s city council voted to join the high speed rail lawsuit that Palo Alto voted to file. Yet these lawsuits, as well as Palo Alto’s anti-HSR resolution, come just as HSR supporters are making their voices heard. Their elected leaders on these two city councils don’t appear to be making an effort […]

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Jennifer Levitz of the Wall Street Journal has a very good article out this week titled High-Speed Rail Stalls: Freight Carriers Balk at Sharing Tracks With the Faster Passenger Service. It tells a story familiar to readers of this blog: how freight rail companies like Union Pacific are fighting against high speed rail plans, even […]

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