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First Burlingame, now Redwood City has announced it will not join the Palo Alto-Menlo Park lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority: The Redwood City City Council indicated Monday it has no plans to join three Peninsula cities in a new lawsuit against the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Council members said they have concerns […]

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California High Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark spoke today at a joint lunch of the Commonwealth Club and the San Jose Rotary Club, and expressed his confidence in the high speed rail project: Despite some community opposition and money challenges, the head of California’s proposed bullet train said Wednesday that “we can and […]

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Californians Advocating Responsible Railroad Design – aka CARRD, a group of HSR critics based in Palo Alto – today charged that two members of the California High Speed Rail Authority board, specifically Curt Pringle and Richard Katz, hold “incompatible offices” and that the Attorney General’s office should investigate. Their basis for the claim is a […]

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In the Sunday Open Thread I mentioned that Kern County could get thousands of jobs from a high speed rail maintenance hub were it located at Wasco or Shafter. Perhaps as a reflection of the importance of those jobs in a county with a 15.7% unemployment rate, Kern County is working hard to land the […]

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