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I’m in Hawaii this week for a bit of rest and relaxation before the big push through to the November election. There’ll be more guest posts this week, including more from fellow Californians For High Speed Rail members. Meanwhile, you should head over to the European Tribune to read DoDo’s latest post on Taiwan’s HSR […]

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by Rafael Just a quick post to let you know I’ve added a Glossary page. The link is located just underneath the banner logo, in-between “Comments Policy” and “Log Out”. This will be updated every now and then, but I hope even this initial version will prove useful to any readers unfamiliar with the railroad […]

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The idea of stopping high-speed rail (HSR) in San Jose and having HSR passengers transfer to Caltrain continues to be proposed by some along the Peninsula. Unfortunately, these people are not thinking through the implications for the Peninsula of this scenario. Aside from making it much more inconvenient for thousands of people HSR riders to […]

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Earlier this week we looked at the ways in which two right-wing gubernatorial candidates in the Midwest were using opposition to high speed rail in their campaigns. Which raises the question for us Californians, who are in the midst of a campaign to elect Arnold Schwarzenegger’s replacement, of how HSR is going to play in […]

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