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It’s becoming clear that Palo Alto, my hometown, is straddling two differing approaches to the high-speed rail project. On one side, city officials and most residents appear to be coming, albeit slowly, to the realization that high-speed rail is happening, and that when it does, California won’t be paying for it to be in a […]

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Another open thread to keep you all busy. I’ll be back from Hawaii on Thursday and regular posting will resume then. There’s at least one guest post coming on the topic of recent meetings in Palo Alto, so look for that tomorrow. Talk amongst yourselves!

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Still in Hawaii – hope all is going well back in California. Use this as an open thread for whatever HSR-related issues are on your mind. Did anyone make it to the HSR event in Orange County that we mentioned in the Tuesday open thread?

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The following post is a guest post from UC Riverside PhD student and blogger Justin Nelson. It appears that planning for HSR stations along the Los Angeles to San Diego Section is moving away from the Authority’s commitment to downtown stations in favor of greenfield sites (described below), or in the case of San Diego, at the […]

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