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There is a tension in American life right now between those who want to do everything on the cheap – even if it means inferior or even failing services, even if it means long-term recession – and those who see value in making a long-term investment so that we do things right, whether that “thing” […]

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By now it’s become clear that, despite his public claims, Senator Alan Lowenthal is not really a high speed rail supporter. He consistently undermines the project in the press with his misleading and baseless claims that HSR ridership stats “don’t pass the smell test” (a reference to his apparent belief that nobody will ever ride […]

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Last night the Palo Alto City Council met to discuss its response to the Alternatives Analysis for the San Francisco to San José section of the HSR project. The city’s response is predictable: they’re attacking the planning process and making demands about the design options: The letter identifies what the city considers to be a […]

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In a development that should surprise nobody who is familiar with the suit or the issues it raises, a judge here in Sacramento is expected to throw out the Russ Peterson lawsuit against HSR. Peterson, a noted HSR opponent, filed suit claiming that neither Caltrain nor the CHSRA could start any work on the project […]

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