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In the long fight to support and approve high speed rail, one of our strongest allies has been the California Public Interest Research Group – or CALPIRG for short. In 2008 they did some amazing organizing on college campuses, helping spread the word and get out the vote for Prop 1A, and mounted a statewide […]

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by Rafael UPDATE: I have added an optional VTA light rail network expansion between San Fernando Ave and Component Dr via the SJC Terminals to the map. This expansion would be possible only if the existing heavy rail station at Cahill St and its approaches were indeed abandoned, which would render UPRR’s single track Milpitas […]

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In the absence of a long-term federal funding source for HSR funds, we have to take what we can get, when we can get it. In that vein, the CHSRA today announced that they are applying for another $2.3 billion in federal HSR grants. From the press release sent to me via email: Today’s announcement […]

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In a major development with plenty of importance for the California High Speed Rail project, Taiwan’s high speed rail project generated an operating profit in 2009. Of course, HSR lines across the world routinely generate operating profits, so Taiwan isn’t breaking any new ground here. So why is this a “major development”? Taiwan’s HSR system […]

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