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The FRA today announced recipients of an $80 million grant program for HSR and intercity rail. Florida’s HSR project received by far the largest share of funds, $66 million, but California wasn’t left out. $6.2 million went to the Capitol Corridor: $6,200,000 for track relocation work in California on the Capitol Corridor which will help […]

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Last week we learned that the California High Speed Rail Authority is “strongly considering” a shift in the plans for stations in the San Fernando Valley. Instead of a station at Sylmar and one in downtown Burbank or downtown Glendale, there appears to be increasing momentum for just one station in the Valley, at the […]

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The Gulf oil spill may become the worst environmental disaster in American history. The scale of destruction is only now beginning to be understood. Oil is fouling beaches, killing wildlife, and causing massive economic damage to tourism, fishing, and other industries that depend on clean beaches and clean oceans. California experienced a similar spill 41 […]

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True high speed rail is coming to the rest of Great Britain – but will NIMBYs block it? The new British coalition government supports HSR, with some changes to the Labour proposal, and Scotland is insistent that it be included in the project. The environmental benefits, particularly reduction of carbon emissions, are significant. HSR will […]

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