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The California High Speed Rail Authority will discuss a draft response to the flawed State Auditor’s report at their board meeting this Thursday. One element of their response deals with the Auditor’s nonsense claim that the CHSRA’s funding plan is too risky. Mike Rosenberg wrote a very good article on that aspect late on Friday […]

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This weekend I’ll be in Orange County, soaking up the sun and (maybe) doing some surfing at San Clemente. My wife and I will be driving there, and this gives me a perfect opportunity to, once again, explain how incredibly useful HSR would be to me right about now. This is especially relevant given recent […]

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This is very good news, not just for Caltrain, not just for HSR, but for passenger rail as a whole in this country. From Mike Rosenberg’s article: Caltrain officials have convinced federal safety authorities to allow quick European-style electric trains to zip from San Francisco to San Jose, a national first that paves the way […]

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by Rafael Note from Robert: This is one in a series of posts from Rafael thinking about different ways that we could route California HSR. It should be noted that the Merced-Fresno Alternatives Analysis has some very clear options on how to deal with much of this segment, although north of Merced is less settled […]

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