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Last year, a national coalition of high speed rail and transportation advocacy groups launched a campaign to win $4 billion in the FY 2010 federal budget. President Obama had proposed $1 billion in the budget, but the coalition got the House of Representatives to approve $4 billion. In conference committee negotiations with the Senate, the […]

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As high speed rail advocates prepare to launch a nationwide campaign to advocate for more federal funding in the FY 2011 budget, nearly 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to President Barack Obama calling for the creation of a permanent and dedicated funding source for high speed rail, starting […]

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Yesterday’s post deserves a follow-up, as the Caltrain issue is real – and unfortunately, so too is the disbelieving reaction. Mike Rosenberg again provides an excellent article on the topic, quoting Californians For High Speed Rail Executive Director Brian Stanke: “There is perhaps greater awareness now that despite different points of view or concerns about […]

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That’s the implicit forecast coming from Caltrain officials, as reported by Mike Rosenberg: Declaring an electric railroad its only chance at salvation, Caltrain officials on Thursday released the most-detailed projections yet of the rail line’s bleak financial picture: $47 million in debt next year — with a gap that will grow by about $1.6 million […]

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