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Predictably, the State Auditor’s flawed HSR report has led to its share of “omg HSR is DOOOMED!!!1!1” articles in the media – as well as some more measured and sensible pieces. Mike Rosenberg and Will Oremus again show they’re two of the best reporters on the HSR beat with this article – and I’m not […]

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The California State Auditor is out with a report criticizing the California High Speed Rail Authority and their planning of the project. The criticisms are generally sensible, and stem from the fact that the Authority is still staffing up to meet the challenge of planning and implementing the project, and the Auditor lays out some […]

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A few weeks back, a group of political and business leaders from the East Bay traveled to China for economic development meetings. One common topic was the NUMMI auto manufacturing plant in Fremont that closed last month – which relates to another of the topics discussed, high speed rail: China has expressed great enthusiasm for […]

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Curt Pringle was only recently made chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority’s board of directors, but his term on the board runs out in December. It sounds like he wants another term: And, while not specifically saying he wants to keep the job, Pringle said: “I have every intention to make sure the […]

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