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According to a recent Las Vegas Sun article, the DesertXpress high speed rail project between Victorville and Las Vegas is on couse to begin construction in 2010: Last year, developers of the 185-mile rail line that would link Las Vegas with Victorville, Calif., said they hoped they would get final environmental approvals by the end […]

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In a letter dated March 23, 2010, the CEOs of Metro (Los Angeles County’s transportation agency) and the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) called on the CHSRA to reexamine track sharing on the Los Angeles to Anaheim segment: Metro/OCTA letter to CHSRA As you can see, the letter argues that shared use of the corridor […]

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Just got back from a daylong trip to Sacramento, so this will have to be brief – and really, it speaks for itself, as Mike Rosenberg reports: In a blow to high-speed-rail critics lobbying for the train line from Los Angeles to end in San Jose, Caltrain officials said Tuesday that the idea would require […]

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About a year ago Rafael posted 14 suggestions for how the California High Speed Rail Authority could improve its website, based largely on feedback submitted by blog commenters. Few of these seem to have been implemented, although the website has been improved in other ways (such as adding a calendar after Californians For High Speed […]

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