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Been meaning to write about this since I first learned of it a few days ago, but I’ve been rather busy myself (as you probably noticed). As Mike Rosenberg reports, the Alternatives Analysis for the Peninsula segment that was to be released on March 4 will be delayed until at least April 1: The planners […]

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I’m here at San Jose Airport, about to board a flight to Burbank for a daytrip to LA. As usual, every time I do this I think “this would be so much easier on a high speed train” – especially since my ultimate destination is near downtown LA, meaning Union Station would be much more […]

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Palo Alto mayor Pat Burt is calling for a delay in the HSR planning process, in this case asking for double the amount of time currently planned to review the upcoming Alternatives Analysis for the Peninsula segment: Mayor Pat Burt said the city council’s high-speed rail subcommittee this week decided to send a letter asking […]

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Yesterday Senator Barbara Boxer and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood were in Los Angeles to discuss transportation projects. There was a press conference, but the most interesting news came at a subsequent town hall meeting at the Metro offices. Some of the news focused on the “30/10” plan, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s effort to get the […]

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