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When I hoped that more California news outlets would produce insightful and factually-based assessments of the HSR project, today’s LA Times article was not what I had in mind. It is a sad example of the American media’s tendency to report the controversy instead of reporting the facts. Too many journalists seem to believe that […]

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Wouldn’t it be nice if California news outlets actually showed their viewers how HSR works in other countries, instead of giving airtime and ink to uninformed critics and NIMBYs who make HSR out to be some kind of alien and unfamiliar technology? That’s what one Florida TV news station, Orlando’s WFTV, did earlier this month. […]

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One of the most common things we’ve found around the world with high speed rail is that it is very, very successful at attracting riders to switch from flying between two points to the train. Despite deeply ignorant claims that because Southwest Airlines offers cheap flights, we don’t need HSR, the evidence indicates that HSR […]

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We’re used to the claims from HSR deniers and critics that HSR’s costs are too high to be justified. These folks think nothing of dismissing the hundreds of thousands of jobs that the system would create. Their argument, a deflationary and Hooverist argument, has been that we should not spend the $40 billion or so […]

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